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Whether you're in need of batteries, controllers, enclosures, mounts, modules or other off-grid equipment, you can be assured you'll find the industry-leading products you've come to know and expect from SunWize.

A Sampling of Our Systems

SunWize Power Ready

SunWize® Power Ready

SunWize Power Ready solar electric systems are complete solar power systems for equipment with continuous equipment loads of 1 - 75 watts.

They are used as a power supply for remote locations providing a continuous, reliable power solution that's easily deployed, cost-effective and requires little maintenance.
SunWize Power Station

SunWize® Power Station

SunWize Power Stations are complete, integrated solar electric power systems for equipment with continuous loads from 75 watts up to 3000 watts.

A Power Station provides safe and reliable solar electric power without the expense of installing utility power.
SunWize Power Online System

SunWize® Power Online System

The SunWize Power Online System is an uninterruptible DC power supply (UPS) for utility connected equipment with continuous loads up to 1000 watts.

These power systems convert AC primary power to charge a 12, 24 or 48 volts DC battery bank which powers a DC load or an AC load through an inverter.

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